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In March, 2016 as my family was moving from Dallas, TX to Kalamazoo, MI, I discovered that Fellowship One was being acquired by a company called Ministry Brands. Here’s the press release. This meant a lot of changes at work! My role within Active Network was API Software Engineer and it was a hybrid of developing REST-API’s, testing the existing API’s prior to every release cycle and supporting the Developer Community. My favorite part of the job was actually the testing function. To do this efficiently, I created an exhaustive REST-API testing framework which iteratively called upon every endpoint we exposed and checked HTTP response codes, response messages, and response data. I used PHPUnit to accomplish this and we opened up the code to be used as an example of API consumption, found here.

Shortly after the acquisition, a position opened up on our development team for a Software Quality Engineer and I eagerly applied. I was given the role without hesitation and now lead the software Quality efforts for Fellowship One Premier. I work with an amazing team of developers and every day we work to make our product better.  I am passionate about testing whether it be on the API level or the user interface level and love the challenge of finding bugs!

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