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Family holiday in England

Web Dev = Creative Work


It’s official – I work for Fellowship Technologies!

After a whirlwind of change in the Mazelin family, I am excited to announce the news that starting on November 1st, I will be a Fellowship Technologies (or more accurately, Active Network) employee!!  If you haven’t heard of Fellowship Technologies, check them out here or read my blog post here.  I accepted the position of Senior Client Application Specialist and I am thrilled about this new opportunity to serve God in the context of Church Management Software!  Since I was a small child, I have always had an active interest in computers and especially software and the web and this new job represents a merging of two of my highest passions – technology and the church.  I am counting it a great privilege that I get to work for what I believe to be the best church software company in the world! 

A number of months ago my husband and I started sensing that God was moving us towards a new chapter in our lives.  We were living in Michigan and began to “knock on some doors” to see if moving to Texas was the direction God would lead us in.  Within no time at all, my husband was offered an internal transfer with his company that happened to have a division in Flower Mound, Texas – a few miles away from the main offices of Fellowship Tech.  The new position was a promotion and one which suited his skill sets even more than the position he already had.  The only obstacle we faced was selling our home, which given current market conditions could have taken a long time.  We listed it and within 24 hours, we had a full price offer and sold it!  Only God!

During our first house hunting trip to Texas, I was contacted by Fellowship Tech regarding an opening they had.  After numerous interactions with members of the Development and Support Teams, I was delighted to accept their offer of employment and know without a doubt that this is part of God’s direction for us as a family on our new adventure in Texas!

God has used the words to this song by Twila Paris at many significant junctions in my life and I pray they are a blessing to you too:

There is a great, broad road to nowhere,
And so many travel there,
But I have a gentle Shepherd,
I would follow anywhere,
Though the journey take me far away,
From the place I call my home,
To be ever in His presence,
Where He leads me I will go.
Where He leads me, I will follow,
When He calls me I will hear.

29 Ways to Stay Creative

This is a very creative little video showing 29 simple ways to keep creativity in your life!  It is relevant to any profession but I found it to be a particularly good reminder for those of us in the web design / development world:


No more desktops!

This is where we’re all heading!  The question is how quickly?  My feelings …. bring it!


Should Web Designers Learn Javascript?

Javascript Books


So judging from this picture, javascript is 90% bad, right? 🙂

I am near completion of a javascript course I took at a local community college.  The class has been interesting.  A number of students dropped out, I heard many saying the projects were causing them a lot of stress, and I saw grown men cry – not really on the last part!

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Poke the Box

I just finished reading “Poke the Box” by Seth Godin which is a manifesto about starting things.  The book was not deeply profound but the message was simple and clear and it’s one I like –  “Go!” , “Start something”, “Soon is not as good as now.”

It served me as a good little blast of inspiration to get moving and so … I’m starting this blog!

I am a web designer and Fellowship One Champion (database administrator) at two churches – Lake Center Bible Church and the Bridge. I built and maintain their websites along with several others (view my portfolio here).  This blog is primarily for other church webmasters – I will get technical, share code, share what I’m learning, what I’m reading, and how I’m pushing myself to be better at what I do.  But others in ministry or in the web design world may find useful tidbits too!

So today, I encourage you to start something.  It doesn’t have to be something big.  It could be reading a book to make you better at your profession,  sending that email you’ve been putting off,  writing out your personal values or mission statement, starting a new hobby.  Anything!  Just get started.  Ready, set …. GO!