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christ followers for change

Christ Followers for Change in Kalamazoo, MI is a group of local pastors and business leaders who have come together to respond to local and global areas of poverty. They were in need of a new website and asked me to manage the project. I worked with a graphic designer to completely redesign their website and since it's launch it has seen a 800% increase in traffic!

  • HTML, CSS: Tracy Mazelin
  • Graphical Layout: Design Guru Ryan
  • Javascript and jQuery: Tracy Mazelin

denise baumann ministries

Denise Baumann is a Professional Life Coach and speaker in the Kalamazoo area. She needed a web presence for the launch of her new business. She has since received various speaking engagements and new clients based solely on her website. The site is artistic, concise and reflective of the calming qualities of the owner!

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everlasting leaves

Everlasting Leaves is owned and operated by Anne Arthur based in Lawrence, MI. Anne designs and creates unique concrete art and needed a website to display her work. After numerous revisions and tweaking, the site was recently launched. It has been built with fully customizable Content Management System for the owner to keep her images and content fresh.

  • HTML5, CSS & Tracy Mazelin
  • JQuery, SSI & CMS : Tracy Mazelin
  • Graphical Layout: Eric Bookout
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cornerstone christian counseling

Cornerstone Christian Counseling is a counseling practice that formed and opened up for business in 2009. This client had their logo designed prior to approaching me for a site and requested the ability to be able to edit pages if necessary. I built it out on Wordpress and continue to maintain and edit the site on behalf of the client but when their staffing allows, will easily be able to migrate it over to them.

  • HTML & CSS: Tracy Mazelin
  • PHP & Wordpress Integration: Tracy Mazelin
  • Graphic Elements: Eric Bookout
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kids crossing learning center

Kids Crossing is a Preschool and Daycare Center based in Vicksburg, Michigan. My children attended the preschool and I was asked to build a website for them. The design of this site is creative and fun and it improved the professional image of the Learning Center as well as served as an informational brochure to prospective parents.

  • HTML, CSS & SSI: Tracy Mazelin
  • Graphic Layout: Eric Bookout
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Experiential learning & instruction blog

(No longer online) This site is a Jewish Themed Blog called Experiential Learning and Instruction or ELI for short. The intent of the site is to be an extension of the Bridge Ministries allowing the lead Pastor, Daniel Teerman to give on-location Bible Instruction, history, background and imagery. It is built on Wordpress and is updated directly by Daniel.

  • HTML, CSS & PHP Editing: Tracy Mazelin
  • Graphical Layout: Eric Bookout
  • Standard Theme and Wordpress Integration: Tracy Mazelin
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becoming more coaching & consulting

(No longer online) Becoming More is a Professional Coaching and Consulting company based in Kalamazoo, MI owned and operated by Dr. Greg Stewart. This is the second version of this site which has been newly launched along with a professional blog. The templates and imagery were provided via Profiles International and I customized and modified the files as specified by the client.

  • HTML, CSS & PHP Editing: Tracy Mazelin
  • Blog Design: Tracy Mazelin
  • PHP Templates & Imagery: Dave Hanas Design
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the bridge ministries

(This site has since been redesigned) This fledgling church plant came to me with a prototype site already in place. The code behind the site was extremely bloated since it was built using iWeb. I was hired by the church to take the prototype site and convert it to a fully functional, scalable web presence that I would maintain in the long run. I enhanced the prototype layout and re-wrote all the HTML and CSS from scratch.

  • HTML & CSS: Tracy Mazelin
  • Javascript, PHP and F1 API Integration: Tracy Mazelin
  • Initial Prototype: Chris Shamus, Mark Pownell
lake center

Lake Center Bible Church

(This site has since been redesigned) This was my beginning in the world of web design. The church was in desperate need of a new site and I stepped up. Through it, I learned to write HTML and CSS from scratch and my appetite for building websites was forever whet. This was also my introduction to a talented graphic artist - Eric Bookout.